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Nepal possesses great mixture of native ethic countries and local cultures.

Nepal possesses great mixture of native ethic countries and local cultures.

Over 80% for the populace are Hindu. But while Buddhism just accocunts for 10% for the faith it’s impacts could be experienced nationwide. Islam could be the 3rd biggest spiritual group followed by Christianity yet others.

Nepal deals with a barter system for most things. Fixed costs do occur but could nevertheless be haggled down. The barter system is less complicated for tourists to work well with than compared to Asia.

Nepal’s number 1 industry is tourism. As a result numerous Nepalese have become familiar with coping with tourists. That is not to state a tourist can get the top of tourist hospitality. Nepal can be a country that is economically poor is suffering from too little infrastructure, electricity and it has a long time of governmental uncertainty.

The people that are nepalese generally speaking extremely friendly to foreigners. You can find however individuals (touts) that will you will need to benefit from tourists particularly in the larger towns and cities.

The Nepalese calendar follows follows Bikram Samwat meaning it’s 56.7 years ahead of the Gregorian Calendar. Therefore yes if it is 2013 within the western it is 2069 in Nepal.

The Nepalese banner is the actual only real banner on earth that’s not rectangle.

Nepal’s mainstay dinner is just a rice, veggie and soup meal referred to as Dal Bhat. It is eaten in large volumes twice every day.

Typical etiquette practices for traveling in Nepal

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The Nepalese are a tremendously friendly individuals. Numerous can come your decision and merely simply want to state hello. This is certainly specially real outside big metropolitan areas. Within large tourist facilities you are going to nonetheless be approached by touts, guides, taxi males, beggars plus the man that is odd something strange.


“Namaste” is probably the absolute most essential expression you should discover whenever visiting Nepal.