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Ashley Madison: the given information Economy’s Enjoy Canal?

Ashley Madison: the given information Economy’s Enjoy Canal?

The hack of married person “hookup” site Ashley Madison is simply the latest proof that we must reconsider the rewards while the dangers of information inside our information economy.

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State the words “Love Canal” and visitors of a specific vintage – and maybe hailing from a particular geography (the Northeast) may have a picture flash before their eyes: a residential district subdivision, exposed drums of toxic waste, a child’s play ground. Like Canal, needless to say, is the neighbor hood in Niagara Falls, ny where, through the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s, families lived, liked and played atop a sizable toxic waste dump – and a leaking one at that.

The results of this were serious: females suffered a higher price of miscarriage and generations of kids experienced delivery defects and health issues resulting from contact with toxic chemical compounds, including cancer-causing dioxins. Once the truth finally arrived, into the late 1970s, nyc declared the location a state crisis and ordered it evacuated.